gene interaction Interaction scores predicted between pairwise genes

Genetic Interactions Prediction

Predicting pairwise gene interactions using random forest procedure with gene ontotype described in Yu, et al. (Cell Systems, 2016) on the S. cerevisiae data from Costanzo, et al. (Science, 2010).

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face recognition Face recognition with different face poses

Face Recognition

Face recognition with PCA, LDA, KNN and Naive Bayes.

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panorama completed Panorama built with three photos

Photo Mosaics Implementation

An end-to-end pipeline for image panorama stitching.

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face-swapped image Face swapping between male and female

Face swapping in images and video

Implemented face replacement by using Triangulation and Thin Plate Spline (TPS), and improved swapped image with blending.

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structure from motion Point cloud display

Structure from Motion

3D Scene reconstruction and simultaneously obtaining camera pose wrt the scene.

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